How does SEO arrange keywords in articles?

06/08/2021 12:00 AM by DE Silva in Search engine optimization

How does SEO arrange keywords in articles? 6 steps to improve keyword ranking writing skills.


In the process of SEO optimization of a website, frequent and frequent updates of high-quality articles are required to include the website and achieve keyword ranking. Apart from the actual content, these articles should also include SEO skills. Get search engine side

If you want to write high-quality articles, then copying, pasting, or generating articles with few keywords is not enough. It is also necessary for the writer to have a sensitive understanding of hot current affairs, so that those articles can take a certain amount of initiative in fierce online articles. To get a good ranking and good traffic.

Write the following tips to improve keyword ranking:?

1. Articles require a high level of originality


  • The article title should be novel, be consistent with the user's search habits, and more competitive keywords and long-tailed keywords should also be used as titles in question sentences;

  • The first paragraph of the article must match one or two keywords of the article;

  • The picture in the article needs to add an ALT attribute to tell the image crawler what the image represents.

  • The article is typeset. It is recommended to control each paragraph of text to 100 words to give mobile users a better reading experience;

  • At the end of the article, you should also add a short summary with the keyword.


2. The title of the article focuses on standardization

1. For articles cited on the Internet, first determine the article title keyword;


  • The main key is best placed in the first part of the title, the higher the front, the better it is;

  • The length of the article title is controlled. Word length and capitalization will have an effect. The SEO of foreign languages ​​can only be controlled with pixel length. You can measure it yourself, and should be within Chinese words.

  • The title composed of two-part can be separated by "|" Or "," to enhance the user experience;

  • The picture is best placed in the article below the first paragraph of the article so that it matches the crawler's retrieval habit.


3 article keyword selection

  • The keyword selection must match the title. The mainstream approach is the form of specific keywords + primary keywords;

  • If there are separate keywords on the page, they should be separated by commas, keywords must be 3-5;

  • The keywords on the article only need to involve the content of the current page, the entire website, channel, etc.;

  • From the perspective of the audience, fill in appropriate keywords based on the user's search habits.


4 the article description standard


  • The description of the article should contain page keywords. If the article has multiple pages, all keywords appear in the description;

  • Keywords appear multiple times in the description. Normally, they appear three times, but they will not recur. They can be changed slightly. For example, "Website SEO optimization" can be divided into "Website SEO" and "SEO optimization";

  • The description of the article does not have strict word count requirements, but it should not be too long;

  • The description of the article is not stacking or listing of keywords, but a summary of the abbreviated content of the article, guiding users to click and continue browsing.


Five, the content of the article

  • The article appears in the first paragraph. Some keywords are recommended to be bold, mainly to be more specific;

  • Organize keywords at the end of the article and summarize the article;

  •  The density of keywords on the main page usually needs to be 2% -8%. You can insert keywords in some paragraphs without any effect reading.

  • The expression of keywords in the article should be integrated, and the short name and full name should not be taken as keywords;

  • If the article is too long, you can consider the page and add directions to read "Next Page", but remember the description and keywords for each page.

6. the image customization point

  •  ALT tags should be added to page images, and ALT attributes should be appropriate to the content information the image says, and best to organize page keywords;

  • It is recommended to write a text description under each picture and insert page keywords in the text description;

  • For articles containing text, try not to display pictures at the beginning of the article;

  • The picture selection requires a high-definition and suitable size.

In summary

After doing the above, customize the website internally, and at the same time add some external links and hyperlinks. In general, you can guarantee good inclusion and, at the same time, keyword ra.