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Links on web pages that no longer work are known as broken links or dead links. A broken connection can be caused by a variety of factors. This is why a Broken Link Checker is required to locate the faulty link.

  1. It's possible that you typed in the erroneous URL in the link.
  2. The linked website's linked web page has been removed.
  3. The destination website no longer exists or has been removed entirely.
  4. Due to software or firewall usage, the destination website may have been restricted.

A broken link is one that cannot direct a user to the desired destination on the Internet. In some circumstances, this is possible. The web page is out of date, has migrated to a new domain, or is no longer available if the site is permanently inactive. "Link corruption" is the term for having some broken links on your page, and it appears to be as bad as it appears to your business. You can use a broken link checker to keep track of broken links and update them.

Broken links can be extremely inconvenient for visitors because they can no longer access the information or resources they desire, forcing them to seek information from other sources. Broken links can occur on websites that have not been checked or updated in a long time. Websites having a large number of broken links are known as broken links.

As a result, it's critical to identify and resolve link issues as soon as possible.

SmallseoTools, like Google, provides a free Broken Link Checker that can be quite useful in identifying link issues. With this fantastic tool, you can quickly verify all of the links in a given URL to discover whether any are broken or invalid. It can be quite beneficial as a one-of-a-kind and efficient tool, especially if you have a website, because it will detect non-functional URLs and clean them up in a short amount of time.

It should be easier than ever to discover and correct bad links, thanks to Google's broken link checkers, security checkers, and other tools.

Why do I need Broken Link Checker?

Because he rarely has control over his working environment. It's nearly impossible to tell if a link is broken or dead. Furthermore, pinpointing the exact reason why the link isn't working is challenging. If you want to find and fix broken or invalid links, you'll need a link checker like Google's broken link checker to alert you when one is found.

This is when the Broken Link Checker from SmallseoTools comes in handy. To detect and clean incorrect links, use this program or Broken Link Checker. Simply type the URL into the desired field and press the "Submit" button. You will receive a result in a few seconds that includes all links and their status.

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