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The HTML code for the specified website or the source code for the necessary page is displayed in the page inspector. To identify HTML elements from parameters and values, the code is highlighted in three colors. HTML tags are highlighted in blue. The values are highlighted in green, whereas the parameters are marked in red.

About the Snooper website

Rival interactions on the Internet are becoming more complicated and powerful over time. At any given time, a large number of websites are loaded and realized. Code is the foundation of every website. As a result, it's critical to keep improving and updating the code.

Why are you looking for the page source on the internet? This is due to a number of factors. He still doesn't understand why his rating isn't higher than theirs after performing all of the analytical tests and verifications of rival websites.

You have a number of alternatives in this circumstance. You may outsmart your competition by either waiting for them to make errors or by updating and enhancing your website. We advise you to upgrade your website. To do so, we propose looking at the source code of your competitor's internet page so you can figure out what techniques they're employing.

You'll need HTML knowledge or access to an online HTML code viewer to achieve this. Use an online HTML viewer with someone who knows the language to properly inspect the source of the web page if you are unfamiliar with the language.

Snooper website: useful or not?

The page inspection feature on your website may be quite beneficial if you understand how to utilize it appropriately. Consider Myseo-page's check when selecting which website page check to utilize.

On your website, you may first utilize the website page inspection tool to go through each page and look for a little code that acts as a weakness and strength. You can also find the good aspects of the site absent if you check at rival websites. You may make the required modifications to your website after you know what's missing and what's been added.

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